Summer Vibes Bundle of Mysteries

Channel your inner investigator with 4 of our murder mysteries that pair well with sunny season. Examine the evidence such as photos, suspect interviews, and other collected clues to help you solve the case.


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Greetings Stay-at-Home-Detectives,

Today, we'd like to tell you about our new Summer Vibes Bundle. We have a 4 pack of mysteries that are in that summer vibe bundled together. This bundle is discounted by over 15% off the regular price, down to the price of $99.99 with free shipping.

On the go? Take your mysteries with you. No internet, calls, or barcode scans are needed to solve our mysteries. Everything to solve the case is in the box. We've had investigators take our mysteries camping, on airplanes, remote cabins, and the like. You can go off-grid to solve your mystery if you so desire.

Our Summer Vibes Bundle Includes: (4) One-time, Standalone Mysteries

  • Port Paradise Murder Mystery Box Join Winston Remington on Stab Island in his overwater villa at the Port Paradise Resort. While on the isle to scout a job offer, things start to go sidewise. The resort lives up to its name until a guest is found dead. Can you help determine who is responsible? Examine the evidence & solve the case.

  • Terror in the Tropics Murder Mystery Box Trapped on an uninhabited island, a group of survivors must fight for their lives as a murderer is among them. Will the murderer be uncovered? Or, will they all fall victim to a fate of death?

  • Crimson Springs Murder Mystery Box​ The disappearance of a young woman leads a rookie private investigator to a small lake town. Join Lefty in solving a murder mystery in Crimson Springs.

  • A Score to Settle Murder Mystery Box A college reunion at a zipline park turns out to be far more dangerous than anyone expected. Secrets of the past have a way of revealing themselves. Will there be any survivors of this nightmarish adventure park, or will it become their final resting place?

Vibe out this summer with a bundle of mysteries to solve. Mystery awaits...