Featured Murder Mystery Treasures Lost

Treasures Lost Murder Mystery Box available without a subscription. No internet or phone calls needed to solve the case. Everything to solve the mystery is in the box.


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Greetings Mystery Solvers,

We are featuring on this fine day our previously released mystery, Treasures Lost. This mystery’s journal is by Carter Shull. The Shull family is on an adventure to seek a lost treasure. After a series of unfortunate mishaps plague the family's quest, the family begins to think the treasure hunt may be cursed. When things take a tragic turn, will the family discover what really happened?

With the help of Carter's journal and the evidence collected along the way can you determine what's happening during the Shull family's misadventure? Our standalone murder mystery Treasures Lost is available on our One-Time Mystery Page at MurderMysteryBox.com with free shipping. For a limited time, you can score 10% off with coupon TAKETEN. Mystery awaits...