Featured Murder Mystery Blizzard Betrayal

Blizzard Betrayal is a Murder Mystery Box available without a subscription. No internet or phone calls needed to solve the case. Everything to solve the case is in the box.


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Greetings Investigators,

Our featured Murder Mystery Box this time around is Blizzard Betrayal. Kush Savage is the narrator of the journal accompanying this mystery. Savage is novice wilderness guide in Alaska. He is taking a family out to Risk Island in remote Alaska. The Scanlon family gathers at a cabin to say goodbye to a loved one. What should have been a weekend of remembrance quickly turns to tragedy. The family turns on each other in an effort to get to the truth. Will they unmask the murderer before time runs out?

Our standalone murder mystery Blizzard Betrayal is available on our One-Time Mystery Page at MurderMysteryBox.com with free shipping. For a limited time, you can score 10% off with coupon TAKETEN. Mystery awaits...