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Murder Mystery Box is a spellbinding murder mystery that propels you into a world of mystery. Examine the clues and evidence, follow the journal, evaluate the suspects, uncover the red herrings, and solve the case. All you need to solve the case is the box and its contents. No internet or phone calls needed to solve any of the cases. Mystery awaits...

Subscriptions Available

Murder Mystery Box also offers quarterly mysteries mailed to our subscribers. Our detectives solve four mysteries per year using the journal, along with the evidence collected and clues gathered. They then weed out the red herrings and ancillary details and follow the trail to catch whodunit. Subscribers receive a new release each quarter that hasn’t been previously available on our site.

For more information on subscribing to our quarterly mysteries, stop by our Subscribe Page.

One-Time Annual Gift Subscriptions Available

We also have One-Time Annual subscriptions available at a price discounted from our quarterly price. Like the name states- annual subscriptions are a one-time purchase and do not renew. This makes them a perfect gift for the investigator in your life. Gift a year of mystery without having to cancel once the year is up or being roped into another subscription cycle.